søndag den 24. juni 2012

A present for a queen

The queen of Denmark visited the Medieval Centre on the 5th of June. Our gift to her majesty was a gilded silver replica brooch made by our goldsmith, Nina Ruzinsca. It was given with a small pouch made in silk brocade (from Chennai), lined with yellow silk and with silk tassels and finger loop braids in silk. The queen was pleased with the gift and praised both the brooch and the pouch.
After the lunch, the walk in Sundkøbing, the trebuchets and the knights tournament, the queen visited the museum shop where she chose a replica embroidery needle and a handful of our books about textiles. So nice that our queen is a fellow archaeologist and is interested in textiles.
You can see pictures from the visit here: http://www.middelaldercentret.dk/Nyheder/dronningebesog.html

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