lørdag den 3. marts 2012

Vestments for a priest

As we're building a church for the Medieval Centre (!), we need to make vestments for a priest as well as other textiles for the church. The building of the church will take several years, so much of it can wait. But we've decided to make a small exhibition in the entrance hall involving an altar and a priest. So that can't wait. There will be a small publication made with the "church textiles", description of the sources, and of the things we have decided to make etc, but here are a few pictures of the first pieces.
If there is somebody out there with an interest in church textiles, please contact Cath on catharina.oksen@mail.dk
The amice is of white linen (flax) with a gold brocade band as parura, the strings are handwoven flax. Later we can make an amice with an embroidered parura, as the original. It was made by Susanne Bjørndahl Olsen.
The alb is of white linen, with pleated gores (they still need pleating), gold brocade bands etc., all hand sewn. It is inspired by an alb from München, Bayrisches Nationalmuseum, see the last picture. The parura - not in the picture, as it is not quite finished - is made in opus teutonicum in colored silk.
After that I need to make the maniple and the stole, Lars Sass will make the chasuble.