torsdag den 17. juli 2014

Variationer over konehuer / different "Birgittas caps"

Ever since I made the first "konehue" (married woman's cap) I've been fascinated by its shape and functionality. At the Medieval Centre we have now made guide a lot of "konehuer" for the volunteers, and quite a few of the volunteers have made caps themselves.
Here are some variations, made in different materials: flax, silk and wool. Why not? All there materials are used for veils. And the woolen one is great in cold weather!
My first cap, in corse linen, with a gold brocade band instead of embroidery in the middle and a binding band in handwoven linen

Same cap, seen from the side 
Copy of the original Birgittas cap, with armenian embroidery in the middle. Binding band is made of handwoven linen, though, not a sewed strip of linen as the original
Cap in fine silk, with the armenian embroidery in linen thread. Finger loop braid as binding band 
Same, seen from the side 
Cap made of thin wool
Same, seen from the side

fredag den 2. maj 2014

Syede vanter - sewn mittens

Artikel i Middelaldercentrets nyhedsblad 2014 om syede vanter fra middelalderen. Altså vanter syet af stof, ikke lædervanter, eller nålebundne vanter. Se side 21-28
Article about medieval mittens made of woolen cloth. It is in danish, but I will translate it to english later. See page 21-28