onsdag den 11. maj 2016


Hoses with feet, whole or half hoses, gets worn down in the foot part pretty soon. Here is a pair of the merchants half hoses, or "stunthoser", in a nice expensive black wool. The toe part is a mess, with is predictable, the heel is OK, with is surprising, and there is a hole under the foot, that I don't quite understand. He has two pairs, and both looked the same.

The pattern is from the Bocksten mans hoses. The heel, if you follow the pattern loyally, as was done here, gets a a very sharp, 90 degree corner, that gives the wearer some trouble when wearing it, it always crumbles up under the heel. maybe thats why this hose got torn under the foot, as they normally don't.

I removed the toe part completely and sewed on a new with button stitch stitches. The hole under the foot got a patch attached with the same stitches.

Ill keep an eye on those hose, see how they'll look in October.

Hose in need of repair
Repaired and ready to use.