tirsdag den 27. august 2013

1460/70 dress

Normally not the period we make clothings for, but this year we made the jew Ebreesch (from Talhoffer) for our new Medieval Technology Park, and then we're taking part in the 25th anniversary of Company of Saynt George in France and needed clothes for a dinner. I fell for this nice dress pictured by Memling, and made a similar for myself. The dress is in soft wool, in a dark pink color. More pictures will be added.

søndag den 31. marts 2013

Sewn mittens

Funny how things sometimes pop up when you start looking for them, Take medieval mittens, there are a quite a few in needle binding technique, but they also made them in cloth.
The very interesting graves from Uvdal, Norway has a least two pair of mittens, both made of woolen cloth dyed red with madder. One pair is on a young woman, the other on a child. See Vedeler, Marianne; Klær og formspråk i norsk middelalder. Oslo 2007. Unfortunately the author does not describe the pattern.
Another find is from Lodöse, Sweeden. wool, twill weave with stribes. Here you can guess the pattern from the picture of the mitten. I have not not yet found out if it's published somewhere? Åsa Martinsson - http://naama.textilverkstad.se/#post16 - has made a  replica of it.
At the Medieval Centre, Jette Mygind made her attempt of a possible pattern and I made a pair of mittens in red wool twill. They work nicely in the cold danish spring weather.
The original mitten from Lödöse, Sweeden
A possible pattern (in white), lower left: the right mitten, lower right: the left mitten inside-out. 

torsdag den 21. marts 2013

Playfull reconstructions

St Ursula and some of her vergin companions. Hours of Bertrando dei Rossi or Giangaleazzo. Lombardy. Now in Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale. Around 1400. And a playful reconstruction made in the Medieval Centers medieval inn The Golden Swan, with the merchants wife's dresses and some beautiful young ladies. More reconstruction pictures to come.
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