torsdag den 30. december 2010

New authentic patterns

Nordbomønstre, by Else Østergård.
Go and buy it, and remember to buy "Som syet til jorden" = Woven into the Earth, too!
Finally we have a lot of useful information about the medieval Greenland dresses. Just remember to check out the dating of the single dresses, as they span over quite a long time.

Try or or just google it for the best price.

fredag den 3. december 2010


Se her, hvad der kommer i butikken til næste år, i flere farver selvfølgelig:

New stuff for the museum shop next year. They will come in different colors and sizes!

torsdag den 14. oktober 2010

Wear and tear

A well used under garment (særk). Note the wear at the neck, waist, vrist and lower hem. Also note the red color in the armpits from the wollen dress.
We follow all the wollen dresses and some of the under garments, to document traces of wear and tear.
Some of the results will be published at the Medieval Centres website


Waffenrock, 1450, Lübeck

I'm kind of glad I'm in anno 1400, they are not so complicated yet

tirsdag den 13. juli 2010

needle binding

Could somebody please try this link and see if it makes sense.
Just e-mail me with comments:

Islandic monks shoe

Found this in Akureyri museum in Island
A sewn monks shoe made in wollen twill. Dated to first half of 15th century. Replica. The seam goes from the toe and under the foot and up the back of the heel.
There was also a sewn mitten with two thumbs (not needle binded) dated around 1400, see close-up of the fabric (couldn't take a picture of the mitten, the glass reflected too much, but it was very big)

tirsdag den 18. maj 2010

kinesisk brokadevæv

Kinesisk væv til silkebrokade, set på udstillingen "The silk road" på American Museum og Natural History i NY

søndag den 16. maj 2010

fredag den 14. maj 2010

Plimoth Plantation

Kollega på Plimoth Plantation håndsyer en 1620 dragt. Der er 2 ansatte på deres systue, plus en række frivillige, som holder landsbyens faste medarbejdere med autentisk tøj.
Se mere på deres hjemmeside

søndag den 11. april 2010

my name is...

Embroidered family weapon for a jupon. Couched stitches in red silk, contour stitches in yellow silk and black flax

fredag den 29. januar 2010

Hand spun and hand woven

Just returned from India, and look what I found: A really wonderfull textile, handspun and handwoven, tabby, z-spun. It comes in two natural, undyed colors, white and brown. It will be on display at the dyers house, and of course there will be made garments of it too.
Isn't India wonderfull!

And we're having made new sewing needles and pins, too, in a really good guality, can't wait to get it home and start using it. I have tested them on some of my "travel embroidery" , and they are both perfect. When all the goods are at the the centre, they can be brought at the shop, the webshop too.