mandag den 24. juli 2017

A 1480 shift

Going 1480 again and needed a period shift. This one here is slightly Lengberg related. The upper part is made of rather coarse linen, the skirt of finer linen. All hand sewn. I didn't to the openwork in front as the Lengberg has, but decided to ad a band to see if it helped to make the fit better. It fits me much better than it does the mannequin though. Well, we'll see how it goes when in use.

What I first thought was a male tailor doing shifts. But Miriam - see comments below - rightly corrected me: he's a furrier, making fur linings for women's dresses! I leave the illustration here though, as a reminder for myself to do what I always tell others: think and check your sources before publishing!

My shift.
And here is a link to the Lengberg bra-shift:

4 kommentarer:

Miriam sagde ...

I like your shift!

As to what is on the table - it's the hide/skin of a small fur-bearing animal. If you get the full-page of that manuscript image, it's got German text which informs you that he's actually a furrier and thus, presumably, making fur linings for women's outerwear not making a bra-shift. :)

Cath sagde ...

Of course he is a furrier! I even thought the "shift" he was making looked furry on the "inside", but didn't stop to think, or to look up the illustration. Very unscientific of me! I wonder why he makes the fur linings without sleeves, maybe they are sewn on separately? Hmmm, I definitely have to try that sometime. I'll leave the illustration and ad comments, thanks a lot Miriam :-)

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